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Simple Mobile Plans

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Straightforward & Easy Mobile Plans

  • NO Contracts
  • BYO mobile handset
  • Telstra or Optus Networks
  • Low 20c per 30 seconds call rate
  • Option to Bolt-On a Mobile Data Plan

The simple choice

Straightforward, no-contract mobile plans for those who want a simple life. If you have your own mobile already then simply get a plan and start with the basics: calling and texting people. Simple stuff. Like the old days.

Choose the network that suits you

You probably know the networks that works best for you, in your area, so we give you the choice of Telstra or Optus. Use the Telstra 2G network for maximum coverage, or the Optus network if you think you will want 3G. Either way we've got you well and truly covered.

Option to Bolt-On web and email anytime

If you feel the need to dabble in the future then no problem, just add a Mobile Data Plan (Optus network only) and get web and email access wherever you are, simply choose the amount of data you want.

Choose Your Plan

Plan Name

Included Value





Monthly Fee



1c per second

FREE Flagfall

22c SMS

50c MMS

30c Peak
20c Off-Peak

$1.30 per MB


$20 Mobile Plan


20c per 30 secs
20c connection

20c SMS
50c MMS

30c Peak
20c Off-Peak

$1.30 per MB


Choose Your Optional Data Plan

Plan Name

Included Data

Monthly Fee

25MB Mobile Data Plan



200MB Mobile Data Plan



500MB Mobile Data Plan



1GB Mobile Data Plan

1000MB (1GB)




Things You Should Know

1. Total minimum cost each month is $20 Inc GST (Enterprise Mobile Plan). 2. We reserve the right to automatically cancel activated service numbers which have been zero-tolling in excess of 3 mths consecutively. 3. All prices are quoted inclusive of GST. 4. Mobile Fair Use Policy applies. 5. Customers usage on these plans will be capped at no greater than the specific included call value amount as specified in the plan. 6. Minimum Monthly Cap Spend Requirements will apply to each Active and Suspended service. 7. Minimum spend and call included value Limits will be calculated using all Home Airtime charges, SMS originating usage, and some SMS-MT (Surepage etc), but will exclude all charges relating to: ONOA - WAP (CSD) airtime charges, GPRS (WAP - Internet) kilobyte volume charges, All International calls/International Roaming, Calls to Special Numbers (1900 etc), Premium SMS, Optus Zoo Services, Horizon Content when overseas, International Data Roaming usage charges apply as extra (for charges refer to under 'GPRS' roaming section). 8. Some data cards are incompatible with networks in some countries. Please refer to list of countries Optus supports on 9. Optus Dual Band service: Refers to our 2100MHz/900MHz Network. 10. Optus dual band handsets can provide access to 3G services in the Optus dual band coverage area. Outside these areas, service will fall back to our Optus GSM/GPRS network, except for video calling services which cannot be accessed in these areas. 11. Optus 3G Services: Refers to our 2100MHz network. Optus 3G handsets can provide access to 3G services only in the Optus 3G coverage area. For full coverage information, go to 12. Please refer to data Bolt On terms and conditions for clauses relating to these add-on products. All prices quoted above include GST.