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Untitled Document business-multiFlexible Digital Lines with Cheaper Calls

  • Flexible digital solution for larger offices
  • Great value line rental and call costs
  • Keep the same numbers
  • Digital call quality
  • Compatible with a wide range of digital PABX
  • Hunt Groups - finds the first available person
  • Optus advanced digital network
  • Calling Number Display - Show direct extension or a main number
  • Extension level billing - Itemise each phone line
  • Remote access - Enables 1 channel to control the PABX remotely
  • Battery Backup - Keeps phones working during a power outage
  • Direct Indial Range (100 numbers) - Allows each staff member to have their own number

Choose the exact number of lines you need

With standard ISDN for larger offices you have to order lines in batches of 10, but with Business Multi you can simply order the exact number you need to match the growth of your business.

Lower line rental and great value calls.

Business Multi offers substantially lower monthly costs vs standard ISDN, and combined with a more efficient approach to the number of lines needed means it's one hell of a deal.

FREE installation on 24 or 36 month agreements

Simply agree to stay with us for a minimum of 24 months and you quality for a free installation no matter how many lines you have ordered (conditions apply).

Compatible with a wide range of digital PABX's

If your business currently has a digital PABX then you can seamlessly use Business Multi . And if you don't have a PABX then come and talk to us and we can help.

Choose Your Plan

Plan Term

Monthly Access

Installation Fee

Local Call

National Call

Calls to Mobile
(same network)

Calls to Mobile
(other network)

12 Months

per Channel

per Channel

4.4c per min

6c per min

18c per min

20c per min

24 Months

per Channel


36 Months

per Channel



The Critical Information Summary for this plan can be viewed here.


Please Note: The above is a common sample plan of what you can expect from this product. We can peronally tailor a plan for you based on your call spend & any special REWARD discount you may be eligible for when bundling services.



Things You Should Know

1. Minimum Monthly Commitment 12 Months – $3000 (10 Channels), $6000 (20 Channels), $9000 (30 Channels). 2. Minimum Monthly Commitment 24 Months – $5520 (10 Channels), $11040 (20 Channels), $16560 (30 Channels). 3. Minimum Monthly Commitment 36 Months – $7200 (10 Channels), $1440 (20 Channels), $21600 (30 Channels). 4. The minimum monthly commitment advertised is based on choosing default channel options, you may choose to select a different number of channels other than the above your minimum commitment calculation is (No. of channels x monthly access per channel x months in commitment term as per your agreement) 5. Installation Fees – For fixed term contracts of 24 months or longer installation is free for those services on the Optus network (On-net). For contract term of 12 months (On-net) the following installation fees apply;10 channels $300, up to 20 channels $600, up to 30 channels $900 6. For all other services (Off-net) the following installation fees apply; 10 channels $1,500, up to 20 channels $3,000, up to 30 channels $4,500. 7. Early Termination Fee applies and is equal to minimum monthly commitment x number of months remaining in contract. 8. General Information for the Service - The Service allows you to make calls to, and receive calls from, local, National, International and mobile telephone numbers. The Service provides you with: (a) a telephone service connected to the Optus network; and/or (b) a virtual private network linking different types of access lines; and/or (c) a long distance telephone service between a calling party within Australia and a called number elsewhere in Australia or overseas. 9. Use of the Service - You must acquire the Service for at least the Committed Term, if any, specified in your Application. You must cooperate with our reasonable requests in connection with the Service. 10. Coverage - Optus MultiLine is available to customers in an Optus Network area. For technical and commercial reasons not all business can be connected to MultiLine and the service may be delivered via another suitable method. Additional charges may apply. Please refer to pricing for Onnet and Offnet pricing. 11. Minimum Lines - A Multiline customer must have a minimum of 10 channels. Channels can be added in increment of 1 channel up to 30 channels, whereby after this point an addition 10 channel multiline service will need to be in place for further lines. 12. Equipment - You are responsible for any damage, destruction or theft of any of our equipment or Optus owned equipment. Specific configuration parameters for interworking with PABXs may be specified in the application form for your MultiLine service, including the number of digits sent by the Optus Network to the PABX (default 10), and whether the PABX requires the exchange to provide dial tone or ring tone (default no tones provided). 13. Number Portability – Not all numbers are able to be ported onto the Optus network. Portability of your number(s) may not be possible in circumstances including where your current carrier does not have a relevant agreement with Optus or where there are geographical limitations or exchange boundaries that prevent you from porting your number(s) 14. Porting Fees – Your current provider may charge you a porting away fee to port your numbers to the Optus network. You will be liable to pay any such charges directly to your current provider and should check these charges before proceeding with your application. 15. Suspension and Cancellation - You may cancel the Service at any time by giving 30 days notice to us but if you do so before the end of the Committed Term (where applicable), you may be required to pay an Early Termination Fee. All prices above are quoted for Business ex GST.