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Mobile Data Plans

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Data Bolt-On options for Mobile Plans

  • NO Contracts
  • Up to 1GB of Data
  • Add to any Mobile Plan without Included Data
  • Get Email and Web on-the-go
  • Easy way to upgrade your plan if you have upgraded to a Smartphone

Choose how much data you think you'll need

With a mobile internet data plan you can choose how much data you are likely to need without it affecting how much Talk&Text your plan offers. Just add-on a data plan to any mobile plan that doesn't include it.

If you don't use it, cancel it

There are no contracts to worry about so you can add-on a data plan without any major commitment. Then, if you find you're not using it you can just cancel it. But it does get real addictive...

Stay on top on your inbox when out and about

Coming back into the office and having a whole load of emails can be a real pain, but being able to check and quickly reply to emails when you're out and about means you're always one step ahead.

Get access to your online world wherever you are

If you've become reliant on the internet to get jobs done then being able to do that when out and about makes you more productive than ever. Plus, you'll never be bored again...

Choose Your Plan

Plan Name

Monthly Fee

25MB Mobile Data Plan


200MB Mobile Data Plan


500MB Mobile Data Plan


1GB Mobile Data Plan




A Guide to Data Usage

10 MB =

680 Mobile Internet pages

10 MB =

2000 email messages

10 MB =

6 Music Tracks

10 MB =

800 Google searches



Things You Should Know

1. All prices are quoted inclusive of GST. Except for the rate plan description. 2. Total minimum cost each month is: $4.99 (25MB), $9.99 (200MB), $14.99 (500MB), $19.99 (1GB). 3. Data usage will be counted in kilobytes, where 1024kb = 1 Megabytes (MB) and includes both uploads and downloads. 1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1000 Megabytes (MB). Any unused data allowance cannot be rolled over. Data allowance does not include services such as Voice calls, Voice Mail, International SMS, premium and Third Party SMS, MMS, Optus Zoo subscription content and Third Party content and applications, International MMS, 1300, 19xx numbers. If you are able to access such services, your use of such services will be charged at prevailing rates. 4. Excess data rate is $0.35 per MB billed in Kilobyte increments. Effective data rate is $0.0003501/KB exc. GST. 5. When overseas, International Data Roaming usage charges apply as extra (for charges refer to under 'GPRS' roaming section) Some data cards are incompatible with networks in some countries. Please refer to list of countries Optus supports on 6. These Data Pack bolt on plans can not be used in conjunction with any mobile rate plans that have included data allowances. This includes Blackberry plans or Rate Plans with data allowance inclusion. Data Pack provisioning on these plans will replace the included data allowance with full charges applied. 7. Data Pack plan data allowance must be included in the offering to End Users. 8. Data Pack bolt-on's are applicable for both mobile Internet and WAP browsing. 9. Mobile Fair Use Policy applies.