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Fax to Email

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Save $$$ on Hardware & Printing

  • No more need to front up the cash for a fax machine
  • Faxes delivered to your email as a .pdf
  • Save on Printing Cost's
  • Receive your faxes ANYWHERE in the world
  • Single Bill
  • No more engaged signals
  • Sleep soundly (if you work from a home office)
  • Bundle with a Quantum Mobile Plan & have faxes delivered to your mobile phone


Receive your faxes on your MOBILE

Bundle this service with a "Quantum Mobile Plan" & have faxes delivered to your mobile phone when you are out on the road or ANYWHERE in the world with cellular internet coverage.





Rental * $15.95 per month
Allowance (Per Service) 200 minutes per month



Fax Delivery Formats

Choose from one of the below delivery formats:








Things You Should Know

All rates above include GST, * Minimum 3-month (quarterly) subscription which renews itself every 3-months.