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businessman 2 crop 2Frequently Asked Questions

We're here to help & are more than happy to answer any questions you may have...

If you have any questions that are not covered in the topics outlined below please call us
TODAY on PH: 1300 88 41 70

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Why should I choose Quantum Telecom?

As a service provider Quantum Telecom also acts as a broker for your telecommunications needs. Our business is to specialise in lowering your current expenses & provide you with a service that will not only prove to be more cost-worthy for your business but also more 
efficient in terms of customer service, networking & referrals.


How is Quantum Telecoms different from other service providers?

Quantum Telecom Pty Ltd has the ability to suit ALL of your communications needs, ranging from telephony to web services to hardware. To ensure that we will reduce your current expenses you can fax us a bill in order for us to conduct a cost comparison detailing exactly what savings you will receive.


Will I have my own account manager?

Yes. Dependant upon the size of your account you may very likely qualify to have your own business account manager at NO EXTRA COST.


What about Mobile & Internet?

Quantum Telecom can also service your mobile phone & include it on a single bill with your landline. We supply services on both the Telstra & Optus networks & therefore can offer you competetive cap plans & coverage that is reliable & efficient. We also offer Wireless Broadband, ADSL, ADSL2+ & SHDSL internet services


Does my number change?

No. Your number will remain exactly the same & as you make the switch from your current provider across to Quantum Telecom, we will issue you with all your telecommunications services without any interruption to your service during the changeover period.


Who do I contact for customer service?

Contact us. Quantum Telecom will provide you with all your communications needs including Line Installations, Inbound 1800/1300 programming & installation, Sim Card activation, General requests such as activation of Message Bank, Calling Number Display, Line Hunt, Call Diversion, Disconnections & any other request you may require. We will service your entire communication needs.


How do I join up?

Download the application forms from the "Join" section of our website, fill in & either fax or post us the application forms. Alternatively you can contact our friendly customer service 
team & we will complete the application forms for you & send to you requiring only your authorisation.


How long does it take for my services to change over to Quantum Telecom?

Landline: 2-3 working days

Mobile: 2-3 Working Days

Internet: 5 Working Days

Inbound 1300/1800: Dependant upon losing carrier but normally 2-3 working days

VoIP/Hosted Voice: Contact us as these situations can differ dependant upon a variety of circumstances


How can I pay for my bill?

Credit Card (Online or over Phone)

EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)

Direct Debit (From Credit Card or Bank Account)

Australia Post (in person at an Australia Post Office)